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Danielle was born on the Islands of Haida Gwaii; having many connections and roots on the islands, the town of Masset was always considered “home”. As she grew and moved around North America, she always yearned for the Sand, Sea and Mountains of the North-West Coast. In recent years her nomadic lifestyle has lead to her to live in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. 


Her work is a reflection of her childhood journey; ever-changing, always experimenting and never settling. The basis of Danielle’s work has to do with self actualization, she thinks there is much to learn from a piece of art; from the colours used to the subject matter, every mark made facilitates a new part of the story to unfold. Layer upon layer, she uses an idea and lets her hands and intuition create it. Using each piece to share a short story about herself. 


After graduating High School Danielle had a short hiatus from creating, she began studies in Fashion Design which in turn brought her back to Fine Art. While at Art School her focus was Photography, Printmaking and Sculpture, which fuelled her love of Mixed Media work and continues to experiment with all mediums in her work.

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